Virginia Hospitals: A Consumer's Guide

VIRGINIA HOSPITALS: A CONSUMER'S GUIDE is intended to provide consumers and employers with up-to-date information on today's hospitals. The guide includes:

  • A brief history of hospitals along with a close look at Virginia's hospital and health system and how it serves you.
  • How hospitals have changed to become more community and patient centered.
  • The types of hospitals you will find in Virginia's cities and rural areas.
  • A profile of the hospitals' services.
  • A checklist of a patient's rights and responsibilities and
  • glossary to help you understand hospital and medical terms.

A special four-step section provides work sheets and checklists to help you in your search for the hospital that's right for you.

  • Finding a physician.
  • Locting hospitals to consider.
  • Getting the facts.
  • Rating the hospitals.

The regional hospital speciality service tables and the statewide psychiatric hospital diagnostic tables are presented on our website.

  • to provide you with a directory of Virginia's acute care general hospitals, teaching hospitals and psychiatric hospitals
  • to provide information on the primary medical specialty services offered by each of Virginia's hospitals and
  • to provide important experience and cost data in each of the specialty areas listed

These tables do not list specific technical procedures. You may want to inquire about procedures specific to your medical needs if you interview a hospital. The information in the hospital speciality service tables and the psychiatric hospital diagnostic tables is based on data in Virginia Health Information's patient level database collected under contract to the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is being made available

  • to help consumers and employers choose health care providers and services
  • to enhance the quality of care you receive and
  • to increase the overall serviceability of hospitals to Virginians