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Virginia Hospitals Introduction

Learn about hospitals in Virginia with details on the care they provide, efficiency and quality.

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  • Virginia Hospitals: A Consumer's Guide - Find up-to-date information on today's hospitals.

  • Hospital Information - Choose a region to list and see details on hospitals in that area. Information on types of care provided, their efficiency, cardiac care quality and more.

  • Cardiac Care - Almost 1 in 7 hospital admissions are for Cardiac Care. Compare hospitals on cardiac care quality including mortality and readmission rates.

  • Patient Satisfaction - What did patients say about their hospital stay? Did they recommend the hospital? Did they get help as soon as they wanted? Compare hospitals on these and other satisfaction measures across Virginia and the nation.

  • Serviceline Report - Service Lines are broad categories of care based on groupings of 3M’s APR-DRGs. Many categories have both medical and surgical versions–an example is Neurology and Neurological Surgery, both of which deal with neurological disorders. The separate data headings reflect medical versus surgical care for the condition. Procedures within a category may vary as to intensity. The data is adjusted to reflect the variation. You may access an Excel spreadsheet of Service Lines mapped to APR-DRGs at Further definitions of service lines are provided as tool tips.

  • Trauma Centers - In Virginia the process of Trauma Center designation is voluntary and is meant to identify those hospitals that will make a commitment to provide a higher level of care for the multiple injured patients and who welcome public acknowledgment of that capability. View the trauma care hospitals and levels I through III to help make decisions that are in the best interest of the patients. The Virginia trauma standards are reviewed and updated based on changes in the national standards as well as the evolving needs of the Trauma System in Virginia.