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Health Insurance Options: A Consumer's Guide

Health Insurance Options: A Consumerís Guide is loaded with facts covers the basics on--indemnity plans, comprehensive coverage, HMO and PPO plans, POS features, and the basics on long-term care insurance. A comparison table that helps explain the differences is also included for quick reference. For those employees nearing retirement, an overview of the traditional Medicare, Medicaid, and Medigap programs is presented. CHAMPUS/TRICARE updates have also been made.

A worksheet with a checklist of benefits gives the reader an easy way and ample space to record and compare the benefits of as many as three plans or options that are being considered. This is followed by a well-thought-out list of suggested questions appropriate to the decision-making process. A handy trouble-shooting reference guide is provided should a problem occur with either coverage or medical care. And, a glossary of health insurance terms is included that everyone needs to get through the health insurance language tunnel of today. All of this is backed up by an expanded resource list for obtaining additional information or help for Virginia and surrounding states.

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