Cardiac Care

Patients and providers want to help avoid having to return to the hospital after cardiac care. As many as 1 out of every 6 congestive heart failure patients return to the hospital within 30 days. Some studies suggest that second trips to the hospital, also called readmissions, could be reduced by 50%.

Both health care providers and patients share the challenge of reducing readmissions and improving care. Some steps to help reduce readmissions include:


  • Ask questions
  • Make sure you understand your doctor's instructions
  • Take prescribed medications as directed
  • Attend follow-up appointments
  • Contact your doctor if your condition worsens
  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise

Health Care Providers

  • Understand and identify which patients are at greatest risk
  • Provide clear discharge instructions that are culturally relevant
  • Ensure smooth transitional care
  • Schedule follow-up care
  • Participate in readmission prevention programs
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Updated on: 3/5/2019