Trauma Designation

Required Surgical Clinical Capabilities
(On call and promptly available)
Surgical Clinical Capabilities Level of Designation
Cardiac Surgery x    
Thoracic Surgery x x  
Orthopedic Surgery x x x
Pediatric Surgery x    
Hand Surgery x    
Microvascular/Replant Surgery x    
Plastic Surgery x x  
Maxillofacial Surgery x x  
Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery x x  
Oral Surgery x    
Ophthalmic Surgery x x  
Gynecological Surgery/ Obstetrical Surgery x x  

All levels of trauma center designation are required to have an organized approach to trauma care; this includes an appropriately staffed “trauma team” that respond to pre-established criteria (trauma alert). All levels are also required to have a trauma (general) surgeon as the team leader of a trauma team alert, have an anesthesiologist and operating room immediately available, and for Level I and II centers a neurosurgeon promptly available as well.

In addition to these requirements, the tables demonstrate some of the other surgical and medical capabilities each level of trauma center are required to have promptly available to trauma patients. Trauma designation requirements can be found at:

Each trauma center undergoes close scrutiny by a site review team every three years; sooner for newer centers. The team consist of a Surgeon/Team Leader, Emergency Physician, Critical Care Nurse, Hospital Administrator, and the OEMS Trauma Coordinator.

The team evaluates such aspects as the trauma response throughout the hospital, patient care provided, compliance with educational criteria, and performance improvement. Designated Trauma Centers are also required to have an outreach program in place to communicate with hospital and EMS agencies located within its catchment area. This serves to complete the informational feedback loop.

Please note: This Trauma Designation Fact Sheet is a summary of the Board of Health approved Trauma Center Designation Manual, which can be viewed in its entirety at:
Required Medical Clinical Capabilities
(On call and promptly available)
Medical Clinical Capabilities Level of Designation
Cardiology x x  
Pulmonology x    
Gastroenterology x    
Hematology x    
Infectious Disease x    
Internal Medicine x x x
Nephrology x    
Pathology x x x
Pediatrics x    
Radiology x x x
Interventional Radiology x    

Updated on: 3/6/2019