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Industry Report

Virginia Health Information's annual INDUSTRY REPORT: VIRGINIA HOSPITALS AND NURSING FACILITIES is widely recognized as the #1 decision support tool for comparing the performance of Virginia's health care providers. Only the Industry Report ranks health care providers on their efficiency, productivity and outcomes of care. Click Here for additional hospital free data or click Here for free nursing facility data extracted from the 2021 Industry Report.

  • Performance rankings include charges, costs, productivity, financial viability, and community support
  • Expanded hospital data ranks and details the volume and performance outcomes of 40 service lines offered in Virginia hospitals
  • Flexible format allows the user to display, sort, and analyze data on the CD-ROM exactly the way you want in easy-to-use Microsoft Excel files; special filters do the work for you; if you can point and click, you can quickly create custom reports to answer your questions
  • High degree of accuracy audited financial statements and detailed review are designed to ensure that information truly represents provider performance
  • Market-based information covers key provider performance areas important to health care decision makers in your business
  • Employers use the Industry Report when choosing health care facilities or evaluating those offered by third party administrators, health plans, or health insurance companies
  • Health Plans and Insurance Companies seek information from the Industry Report when developing providers networks and negotiating provider contracts
  • Banks and Lending Institutions from across the country depend on this objective source of financial information to support lending decisions
  • Health Care Providers and Consultants compare their performance to others and design programs to improve performance in a competitive market
  • Universities and Researchers use the Industry Report to study health economics and public health issues and trends

Hospital & Nursing Facility Detail Report

Virginia Health Information's annual Hospital and Nursing Facility Detail Reports provide additional financial data for more in-depth comparisons of the performance of Virginia's health care providers. Each DETAIL REPORT contains a set of Excel spreadsheets containing information about:

  • Revenue. Gross and Net Patient revenue by payer type leading to Gross Patient Revenue
  • Reductions. Contractual Allowances and Charity Care and Other Operating Revenue leading to Net Patient Revenue
  • Expenses. All operating expenses leading to Operating Income and Revenue and Gains in Excess of Expenses and Losses
  • Balance Sheet. All Balance Sheet entries leading to Net Worth
  • Cash Flow. Changes in Cash Flow
  • Admissions. Admissions and Patient Days by payer type
  • FTEs. Full time Equivalents (Employees)

View Data on Virginia's Hospital Efficiency

Designed to help large employers, and purchasers to find the most efficient and productive health care providers.

2021 Annual Licensure Survey Data

2021 Annual Licensure Survey Data from acute, children's, psychiatric and rehabilitation hospitals as well as nursing facilities and ambulatory surgical centers.

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