Annual Licensure Survey Data

Beginning in 1998, VHI began collecting the Annual Licensure Survey Data from acute, children's, psychiatric and rehabilitation hospitals as well as nursing facilities and ambulatory surgical centers. This utilization data is available in Excel workbooks. Information about the content is available by clicking the icon.
Placing your order for the current year's data is easier than ever using VHI's online shopping cart system and credit card payments by PayPal.

Spreadsheets: FYE 2022 FYE 2021 FYE 2020 FYE 2019 FYE 2018
ALSD Spreadsheet Set - $975.00
Ancillary - $75.00
Bed Utilization - $175.00
Cardiac Catheterization - $75.00
Diagnostic Services - $175.00
Emergency - $125.00
Labor and Delivery - $75.00
Lithotripsy - $75.00
Nursing Utilization - $75.00
Surgical Services - $175.00

Why Do I Need ALSD Spreadsheets?

Consultants and health care providers often use this utilization data for planning and marketing analyses while vendors can use this utilization data for potential sales and marketing strategies. All Annual Licensure Survey Data spreadsheets allow the user to view the hospitals by planning region and district.

Available Annual Licensure Survey Spreadsheets

Click on the spreadsheet name to learn what's included in the individual spreadsheets available. Data from facilities with fiscal years ending in 2022 - 2018 are currently available for purchase online. You may email us at with questions or for more information.

Updated on: 11/20/2023