Richard Penn Embrey , MD

General Info

Primary Practice Address

701 Princeton Avenue
Birmingham, AL 35211
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  (205) 783-3807
  • Practitioner spends 100% of time at this location.
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  • Translation services are available.
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Licensing Information

License Status: Current Active
Year Virginia Medical License Received: 3/1/1995

Medicaid and Medicare

Does Not Participate in the Virginia Medicaid program
Is not accepting new Virginia Medicaid patients

Updated on: 8/11/2022


Medical, Osteopathic, or Podiatric School Attended

Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine - Baltimore MD
Year Completed: 1983

Residency and Internships

General Surgery Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Year Residency Completed 1988
Thoracic Surgery University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Year Residency Completed 1991

Updated on: 8/11/2022


Board Certifications

Year of Initial Certifications: 1990
Current Certification Expires: 2010
Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery
Year of Initial Certifications: 1992
Current Certification Expires: 2012

Self-Designated Specialties

Family Practice

Updated on: 8/11/2022


Southern Illinois University School Of Medicine - Springfield IL
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School Of Medicine - Lubbock TX
Virginia Commonwealth University School Of Medicine (Previously MCV) - Richmond VA
University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine - Iowa City IA
Duke University School Of Medicine - Durham NC

Updated on: 8/11/2022