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8095 Innovation Park Drive
Falls Church, VA 22031
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J. Stephen Jones, MD
President and CEO

EPICS Variation Comments: 1) Parent/Subsidiary filing includes Minority Interest on Income Statement that is not reported on the individual ASC filings 2) Credits (negative values) in Receivables from Related Parties (Current) on Balance Sheet on the individual hospital and/or ASC filings are reported in the corresponding Liabilities from Related Parties (Current) due to web portal limitations 3) For purposes of the Parent/Subsidiary filing, the FTEs and related financial information for the hospital-based imaging departments (HOPD) are reported under the Hospital category, as the financial data cannot be reported separately. The FTEs and related financial information for joint venture imaging centers (JV) are reported under the Freestanding Imaging with CON category.

Updated on: 04/30/2024

Financial Information

For Fiscal Year 1/1/2022 - 12/31/2022
Why is this important?
Parent Hospital financial information was originally intended to benefit of large employers and purchasers of care.
However, consumers should know that financially healthy hospitals may be better able to provide charity care and invest in infrastructure, and technology.


  • Net patient service revenue $4,974,809,557
  • Other operating revenue $244,691,621
  • Net assets released from restriction $30,988,316
  • Total operating revenue $5,250,489,494


  • Labor$2,778,858,612
  • Non-labor$1,758,190,414
  • Capital$403,684,578
  • Taxes$230,571,946
  • Total operating expense$5,171,305,550
  • .
  • Operating income$79,183,944
  • Net non-operating gains (loss)($1,002,320,879)
  • Revenue and gains
    in excess of expenses and losses($923,136,935)

Balance Sheet

  • Current assets$1,699,187,223
  • Net fixed assets$2,803,233,183
  • Other assets$7,233,042,473
  • Total assets$11,735,462,879
  • .
  • Current liabilities$1,191,561,791
  • Long term liabilities$2,012,812,537
  • Total liabilities$3,204,374,328
  • Total net assets$8,531,088,551
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Updated on: 04/30/2024


The facilities included below submit Annual Historical Filings to VHI, inclusive of financial and utilization information.
Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of subsidiaries associated with each parent company.
Facility Name City Facility Type
ED - Inova Emergency Room - Ashburn HealthPlex 
22505 Landmark Court
Ashburn Freestanding ED
ED - Inova Emergency Room - Fairfax City 
4315 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax Freestanding ED
ED - Inova Emergency Room - Franconia Springfield HealthPlex 
6355 Walker Lane
Alexandria Freestanding ED
ED - Inova Emergency Room - Leesburg 
224 Cornwall Street
Leesburg Freestanding ED
ED - Inova Emergency Room - Lorton HealthPlex 
9321 Sanger Street
Lorton Freestanding ED
ED - Inova Emergency Room - Reston/Herndon 
11901 Baron Cameron Avenue
Reston Freestanding ED
Fairfax PET/CT Center
8081 Innovation Park Dr
Fairfax Freestanding
Fairfax Radiology Center of Ballston
3833 Fairfax Drive
Arlington Freestanding
Fairfax Radiology Center of Lansdowne
19455 Deerfield Ave, Suite 102
Lansdowne Freestanding
Fairfax Radiology Center of Sterling
4 Pidgeon Hill Dr
Sterling Freestanding
Inova Advanced Imaging Center - Fair Oaks
3620 Joseph Siewick Dr
Fairfax Freestanding
Inova Alexandria Hospital 
4320 Seminary Road
Alexandria Acute Hospital
Inova Ambulatory Surgery Center at Lorton, LLC 
9321 Sanger Street
Lorton Ambulatory Surgical Hospital
Inova Fair Oaks Hospital 
3600 Joseph Siewick Drive
Fairfax Acute Hospital
Inova Fairfax Hospital 
3300 Gallows Road
Falls Church Acute Hospital
Inova Fairfax MRI Center
8081 Innovation Park Drive
Fairfax Freestanding
Inova Imaging Center-Mark Center
1800 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria Freestanding
Inova Loudoun Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC 
44035 Riverside Parkway, Suite 200
Leesburg Ambulatory Surgical Hospital
Inova Loudoun Hospital 
44045 Riverside Parkway
Leesburg Acute Hospital
Inova Medical Center-Dulles South 
24801 Pinebrook Rd, Suite 120
Chantilly Physician Office
Inova Mount Vernon Hospital 
2501 Parker's Lane
Alexandria Acute Hospital
Inova Surgery Center @ Franconia-Springfield 
6355 Walker Lane
Alexandria Ambulatory Surgical Hospital
Loudoun Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 
235 Old Waterford Road, NW
Leesburg Nursing Home
McLean Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC 
7601 Lewinsville Road
McLean Ambulatory Surgical Hospital
Northern Virginia Surgery Center 
3620 Joseph Siewick Drive
Fairfax Ambulatory Surgical Hospital
Potomac Radiation Oncology Center
Woodbridge Freestanding
Reston-Herndon MRI Center
450 Springpark Place
Herndon Freestanding
Tysons MRI and Imaging Center
7799 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church Freestanding
Total Facilities: 28