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HMOs service areas may change, so double-check to make sure they still offer services to enrollees in your area. HMOs were required to file this information with the State Corporation Commission, Bureau of Insurance (BOI) in June 2007. Virginia Health Information collected this information from the BOI and provided each plan with an opportunity to update this information.

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Over 1 million Virginians are enrolled in a .
HMO members, employers, states and national organizations have supported development of measures of HMO effectiveness and quality of care.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

VHI developed the HMO information under contract to the Virginia Department of Health.
Under state law, HMOs are required to submit performance data on commercial (excludes Medicare and Medicaid members) and fund the development of the HMO web pages to benefit consumers, employers and the general public.
VHI also collects financial and premium information from the State Corporation Commission's Bureau of Insurance on licensed HMOs and publishes this on our website.

Why is this information important?

HMOs vary in their cost and quality; choose an HMO with the price, performance and benefits right for you and your family.

How do I use this information?

VHI provides HMO information so Virginians can compare Virginia HMO options and make more informed choices. You can use this information to learn about:

  • The performance of HMOs
    How do Virginia's HMOs stack up on more than fifty and measures?
  • The size of a particular HMO Physician Network
    The more physicians in a network, the greater the potential access to healthcare services in a timely manner-think about it as "strength in numbers." If you need care, you have more choices and costs will be contained when you can stay in your HMO network.
  • The geographical areas the HMO serves
    HMOs with large service areas are more likely to offer care for families or employees that live across a wide geographic area. When you're shopping for HMO coverage, this is also important because it tells you which HMOs serve your area.
  • The financial strength of the HMO
    In comparing HMOs, consumers and employers may wish to consider an HMOs financial health. Some are stronger than others. The financial data provided does not include a rating but it does give you numbers to compare that can expand your knowledge of a particular HMO.
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Updated on: 2/8/2022