Dylan joined VHI in February 2021 as the organization's Operations Assistant where he assists the Program Administration Specialist. With a six-year background in the hospitality industry, he has a lot of knowledge and experience in customer service that he plans to utilize in his current role. Dylan's interest in working with a non-profit sparked during his time at Oxfam, a global organization to end injustices of poverty, while he was living abroad in Jakarta, Indonesia. Living abroad with his family until he was 18 years old, Dylan does not have a "hometown" in the traditional sense, but considers Yokosuka-shi, Japan, where he was born, to be his hometown. His favorite thing to do in Richmond is enjoy Miyakazi Mondays at the Byrd Theatre during the Winter to watch studio Ghibli movies on the big screen. In his free time, Dylan likes to play tennis, practice mindfulness in a quiet space, discover music from around the globe or read with a fresh cup of coffee or green tea. His mother and sister live in Clear Water, Florida and he frequently visits to spend time with them while relishing on the beach and breathing in the salty air.

We're excited to have Dylan on board!

Stay Healthy, Virginia!


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