• VHI's Mission
    Enhance the quality and value of healthcare delivery and
    promote informed healthcare decisions by Virginia consumers, purchasers and other stakeholders
    by creating and disseminating healthcare information.
  • VHI's Vision
    Administer Virginia healthcare data reporting
    initiatives benefitting consumers and others.
    Collaborate with public and private health information programs by serving as
    a leading source of objective, top-of-mind quality information and analytics.
    Convene stakeholders to increase transparency across all types of healthcare.

Kyle Russell

Chief Executive Officer

Deborah Waite

Chief Operating Officer

Nicole Fawcett

Data Services Manager

Nicole Allen

Senior Healthcare Accountant

Brittany Bunn

Data Reporting Specialist

Jillian Capucao

Lead Analyst

Graycen Dillard

Data Reporting Analyst

Marcus Divers

EDCC Program Manager

Hannah Matty, RN

Operations Coordinator

Dylan Reese

Operations Assistant

Kelly Richards

Project Manager

Updated on: 4/28/2023