• VHI's Mission
    Enhance the quality and value of healthcare delivery and
    promote informed healthcare decisions by Virginia consumers, purchasers and other stakeholders
    by creating and disseminating healthcare information.
  • VHI's Vision
    Administer Virginia healthcare data reporting
    initiatives benefitting consumers and others.
    Collaborate with public and private health information programs by serving as
    a leading source of objective, top-of-mind quality information and analytics.
    Convene stakeholders to increase transparency across all types of healthcare.

Annual Report and Strategic Plan Update

VHI Annual Report

Virginia Health Information (VHI) began its efforts in 1993 with passage of the Patient Level Database System Act. VHI developed our first ANNUAL REPORT AND STRATEGIC PLAN in October 1996. Virginia Health Information is the organization recognized as the source for health data reporting in Virginia. VHI is a one-stop shop for information on:

2016 VHI Annual Report

VHI works with private organizations and public bodies to use health data to meet the varied needs of the citizens of the Commonwealth. Whether we are working as a Virginia Patient Safety Organization to help, recognize and reward hospitals improving patient safety or helping senior citizens find needed care, VHI is working with groups to cost-effectively use health data to improve care and save lives.

VHI's current ANNUAL REPORT AND STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE relates VHI's accomplishments during the past year as well as our priorities-both in current and planned activities. Many challenges were faced; some remain to be addressed. None will be ignored.

Updated on: 6/7/2022