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Virginia Health Information receives information on the outpatient procedures below. The information comes from Hospital Outpatient Departments, Licensed Ambulatory Surgical Centers and Physician Offices. Charges are based on claims forms submitted for payment to health insurance companies, government programs and individuals paying for services out of pocket.

After editing, VHI makes this information available to the public on VHI displays information by health care provider, including how often they performed the procedure and their median charge. Cases with total charges equal to $0 are included in a providerís totals, but excluded from median calculations for the provider and statewide. Procedures were chosen based on frequency and real or perceived risk to the patient. Detailed descriptions of the procedure explain why you may have the procedure and related information.

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  Breast Surgery
  Facial Surgery
  Gallbladder Removal
  General Laparoscopic Procedures
  Hernia Repair
  Knee Surgery (arthroscopy)
  Other Gynecological Procedures