Brian Nelson Bowes , MD

General Info

Primary Practice Address

3259 Catlin Avenue
Quantico, VA 22134
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  • Practitioner spends 100% of time at this location.
  • Days that practitioner sees patients at this location:
  • Translation services are available.
    Type(s) of Translation Services Available:
  • Non-English Languages spoken in Office
  • Non-English Languages spoken by Practitioner

Licensing Information

License Status: Current Active
Year Virginia Medical License Received: 7/7/1999

Medicaid and Medicare

Does Not Participate in the Virginia Medicaid program
Is not accepting new Virginia Medicaid patients

Virginia Hospital Affiliations

  1. Dewitt Army Community Hospital, Fort Belvoir

Updated on: 01/17/2018


Medical, Osteopathic, or Podiatric School Attended

Georgetown University School Of Medicine - Washington DC
Year Completed: 1997

Residency and Internships

Internal Medicine Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
Portsmouth, VA, USA
Year Residency Completed 2000

Updated on: 01/17/2018


Board Certifications

None Reported

Self-Designated Specialties

Internal Medicine

Updated on: 01/17/2018


Uniformed Services University Of The Health Sciences F. Edward Hébert School Of Medicine - Bethesda MD

Updated on: 01/17/2018