Covenant Woods (C0060)

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7090 Covenant Woods Dr
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
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  (804) 569-8000


Carrie Davis
  (804) 569-8003


Entrance Fee209597
Monthly Fee for Cottage/Apt.3271
Tax Status: Not-for-profit

Facility Comments: There are 4 entrance fee options available for independent living. Entrance fees vary depending on the option selected, the type of residence, and the number of occupants. Monthly fees vary based on the residence size and the number of persons in the residence. The fees shown above are for the Standard Plan (Option I), 1 bedroom, 1 person at the Bayberry (smallest independent unit)for FY18. Entrance fees for our most popular contract run any where from $209,597 to $558,344 with corresponding monthly fees running $3,271 to $5,766. Covenant Woods has direct admissions to health care without entrance fees based on availability. Direct admission rates are based on the current market pricing.

Updated on: 8/31/2018