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    Widely recognized as the #1 decision support tool for comparing the performance of Virginia's healthcare providers.
  • Cardiac Care
    Learn more about heart disease. Compare the quality of care at Virginia hospitals
    Find local doctors treating heart disease
  • Patient Satisfaction
    What Did Patients Say About Their Hospital?
  • AHRQ Quality Indicators
  • Outpatient
    Use our information to learn about the surgery, risks and benefits, to find facilities by location and learn which procedures are performed.
  • Healthcare Pricing Transparency
    Are you uninsured? Do you have a high deductible healthplan or high co-pay?
  • Health Insurance Options
    HMOs vary in their cost and quality. Choose an HMO with the price, performance and benefits right for your family.
  • Avoidable Emergency Department Visits
  • Long-Term Care
    Find home care and community services, adult day care centers, continuing care retirement communities, assisted living and nursing facilities.

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Cardiac Care New

Compare hospitals on cardiac care quality, mortality and readmission rates.

Trauma Center

Virginia hospitals list that have been designated as a trauma center.

Patient Satisfaction

What did patients say about their hospital stay?

Serviceline Report New

Broad categories of care based on groupings of 3M’s APR-DRGs.

Efficiency New

Reveal which facilities provide better quality of care by streamlining and reducing unnecessary costs.

Quality Indicators

Evidence-based measures of healthcare quality that can be used to gage and track clinical performance and outcomes.

Virgina Hospitals Guide

Find up-to-date information on today's hospitals.


Find outpatient facilities by location with procedures they perform.